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When Roesha crossed paths with the Guardian, she was confronted with an earth-shattering revelation that left her world spinning on its axis – she was not of Earthly origin.

Secrets, dark and hidden, began to unravel around her, secrets that her father had shrouded in silence.

She was supposed to blend in, another teenager navigating the tumultuous landscape of adolescence. She was not meant to be a celestial princess from the distant world of Dun. Yet here she was, an entire planet looking towards her to ascend their throne, their hopes pinned on her leadership.

However, the throne she was destined to inherit was under the grip of an ominous force, a shadow that had ensnared the grand Jaha Palace when the alien virus launched its assault on Dun. Their realm was teetering on the edge, their once-peaceful rule now a distant echo across their lands.

Could Roesha turn the tide? Could she be the beacon they desperately needed?

The answers lie in the heart of her journey, a journey that would span galaxies, a journey fraught with peril. Her story unravels in Dun Wars: The Takeover. Join Roesha as she embarks on this unprecedented interstellar adventure, her destiny poised on the brink of the extraordinary!


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