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An arrow slices the air, a projectile of fate from Jenna’s bow, finding its mark in Roesha during the throes of the Second Rebellion. The stakes have never been higher. The illustrious Jaha Palace, once a symbol of regality, has now morphed into a bloody warzone. A mirror of Dun, a world gripped by a relentless viral onslaught.

Yet, the planetary labyrinth of Dun holds secrets that are on the cusp of unfurling. Mysteries that have slumbered in its interstellar heart for aeons are now stirring, ready to reveal themselves.

An age-old art collector finds herself in the throes of burgeoning supernatural abilities, a bewildering gift or possibly a curse. The Governor, intoxicated with power and blinded by his reign over Dun’s captive throne, remains oblivious to the rising tide of rebellion.

The G5, infected with a potent venom teetering on the brink of lethality, whisper prayers to the cosmos. A plea for a final shot at redemption. A final chance to restore their planet from the precipice of ruin.

Will Roesha outlast her wounds long enough to reclaim the throne? Who among them will still be standing once she returns…if she ever does?

Unearth the concealed secrets of Dun and their impact on its quarantined cosmos in the epic tale, Dun Wars: Galaxy Wars. Venture into this forbidden universe where the fate of a world hangs in the balance.


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