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In the cosmic cradle of Dun, Roesha’s renown flares, lighting up the universe like a supernova. Her ascendancy, however, is a bitter pill for her opposition, inciting a fiery duel for dominion. Yet Roesha’s benevolent soul might carry a hefty cost—a price tag that could claim her very existence.

Friendship, once as steadfast as the stars themselves, shatters as the allure of the throne bewitches Keith and Galel. A schism that sparks a revolution, pitching two factions against each other, their sights locked on determining Dun’s destiny.

Old allies metamorphose into enemies, and species fracture under the weight of interstellar politics. The question on everyone’s lips is: Can Dun ever mend its wounds in the light of a fresh era? The answer, potentially chilling, could be a resounding no.

However, when Keith unearths the secret of Roesha’s invulnerable blood, a cure-all elixir, his worst nightmares come to life.

Who will ultimately claim the crown of Dun? Discover the thrilling conclusion in Dun Wars: End of an Age. Dive into this celestial saga where the destiny of an entire world hangs on a knife’s edge.


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