SIMBA THE FIREBOY: Simba and the Stone of Conquest

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An adrenaline-fueled race against time.

Our prophesied hero, Simba, has garnered a formidable ally in Queen Oglove of Yttrium. Now resilient against even the most lethal alien assault, Simba and the Queen plunge through the echoes of time to Ahec, a place whispered to hold the keys to the Stone of Conquest. With the sands of time slipping swiftly through their fingers, will Simba’s vision of a harmonious world materialize? Or are they merely hurtling towards an ominous crescendo?

An unyielding thirst for vengeance.

Quinn, caught in the crosshairs of his relentless ambition, knows Simba’s whereabouts—and he’s rapidly closing in. His kin, now irrevocably estranged, have been deemed irredeemable, their rebellion a glaring insult. Blinded by his insatiable desire for power, Quinn’s spite festers, emboldening his resolve. Joined by Deputy Wong and the enigmatic Lady Hex, Quinn hurtles towards Ahec, where the coveted Stone of Conquest is thought to rest in the care of the exiled queen—Oglove’s own mother. As Quinn’s ranks swell in number and surge in strength, a cacophony of emotions engulfs him—grief for his lost family and triumphant ecstasy for the anticipated downfall of Simba, his greatest adversary.

Reality is shrouded in illusion.

Queen Oglove harbors a vivid memory of the day her mother was condemned and exiled, a disgraceful end to her reign after word of her treachery reached the King, Oglove’s father. As the universe teetered perilously on the precipice of calamity, the birth of the Stones—the Treasure of Ocal and the Stone of Conquest—brewed unease in all living creatures. Touted as the architect behind the universe’s most potent magical artifact, the identity of the fallen queen remains shrouded in enigma. However, a newfound clue might be the key to her discovery. Guided by this hint, Simba and the Queen traverse the perilous expanse of an infamous forest, a place known to ensnare unwary wanderers in an eternal maze.

The brink of the apocalypse

Eila’s intuition tingles with the nearness of the enemy—her instincts have never steered her wrong. Her father’s deception has shaken their core beliefs, sharpening her discernment. As the enemy’s troops loom ominously on Ahec’s periphery, Eila harbors an acute fear for Simba and the universe’s fate. Yet her faith remains steadfast in the prophesied child. In him lies the key to liberation, the beacon of hope in a world beset by darkness.

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