SIMBA THE FIREBOY: Simba and the Treasure of Ocal BK 3

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Unveil the third installment in an exhilarating six-part series.

Behold a tale teeming with suspense and riveting action, where a hero with magical prowess is pitted against a legion of supernatural foes. This saga will keep you on the edge, bracing for the next thrilling turn of events.

Simba, the Fireboy, has embarked on a new chapter of his life. Leaving his native African village behind, he has journeyed to the United States to pursue his education, his dreams tethered to the development of his homeland post-graduation.

Simba’s initial year in the US transpires in relative tranquility. Living the quintessential life of a teenager, he engrosses himself in academics, his eyes fixed on the finish line. But then, the ordinary crumbles away to reveal a realm far from familiar. Unsettling events begin to unfold around him, pulling him into a world of enigmatic encounters and perilous confrontations.

Simba stumbles upon a mystifying black feline and grapples with adversaries who, like him, wield supernatural powers. However, these supernaturals harbor dark intentions, hungrily pursuing an elusive treasure said to bestow world dominance.

The narrative spirals into the surreal when Simba is swept into the folds of time, landing in an era he shouldn’t know yet eerily does. What are these sinister supernaturals after? Who truly is the enigmatic black cat? And what cosmic treasure could possess the power to rule the world?

Embark on a breathless journey into the unknown, plunge into this pulse-pounding tale, and immerse yourself in Simba the Fireboy’s latest adrenaline-charged adventure!


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